The Overcomers Magazine project is a bold and creative adventure. The collection of stories seems well curated.”

      –  Les Patterson, Founder/Creator, Red Edge Marketing

Be inspired. Take action.

As a teacher, it is my responsibility to not only open your eyes to things you may have not considered before. But more than that, I invite you to look at your own life with new eyes. The good and the beautiful as well as the dark,  and sometimes oppressive moments. The miracles that create a refined person, the contrast between the light and the dark, amaze me constantly, and I feel a yearning to share them with you.

Over the past few years I have gotten to know some pretty amazing leaders, friends, and teachers of many different walks of life. I consider their life experiences to be vital, precious gems of humanity. And so I am doing that. Celebrating life, and Overcoming. Beauty from Ashes. One story at a time. There is a divine spark in each of us and it is my goal to uncover it.


Jessica Sellers is the creator of The Overcomers Magazine. Jessica studied business, communications and political science at Brigham Young University and later studied print and design and became a work-from-home mom. This past year, after going through a traumatic divorce, she decided it was time to create something new and started The Overcomers Magazine. In her spare time, Jessica loves to be out in nature or spending time with her children, friends and family. She is passionate about education, entrepreneurship and the power of storytelling in creating positive change.

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