Dread No Mondays: Choices

Today I have a special guest post from my dear friend, Kenny Ingersoll, fellow entrepreneur. Check out his podcast, Dread No Mondays! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCib3eyReEHTwhO9_rTxSjAA

You might be surprised to know that I actually look forward to Mondays. When you love what you do for a profession, Mondays can become a happy day where you are chomping at the bit to get to work! Please remember that you ALWAYS have a choice, regardless of your circumstances, and if you choose to follow the highest path, with every choice you take, you can very quickly take your life to new heights.

*** Enjoy!***


I was talking to Jarrett Ingram, a friend of mine, and we got on the topic of the power of choices that we all have. As we go through life we are faced with choices. They can be everything from what we wear to the attitude we have at work. One thing I have come to learn, and that has really helped me, is the fact that WE get to choose. We may not have control of the weather or what happens around us but we do have control of how we respond to the weather or what happens around us.

“Decide to go from the cost mindset to the worth mindset.”

Often times our choices are influenced by our upbringing. For example, if we are raised asking how much does it cost’ then our choices will lean towards that way of thinking vs being raised to ask ‘is it worth it’ then our choices will be geared in that direction. The awesome thing we can do at this point is DECIDE to go from the cost mindset to the worth mindset.

Is it worth it?

We get to choose to change and improve ourselves, which will then in turn change our circumstances. We can go from asking how much something costs to asking if it is worth it. Keep in mind, however, that the cost and worth may not necessarily refer to money. We also get to decide how we perceive things. I’ll use the Human Resources department for example. Often when we hear someone say ‘Human Resources’ we have this negative feeling come over us because we feel Human Resources are only there to get us in trouble, or give us bad news, or tell us we are doing something wrong (kind of like being sent to the principal’s office in school). But we have the choice to change how we perceive them and can view them as people that are there to help us, people that are there to answer questions, we can choose to view them in a positive manner.

Getting Un-Stuck

One of the things we often overlook with the choices we have is getting clarity on the options we have. We often let what has happened around/to us make us believe we are limited by what has taken place. For example, say your great grandpa, your grandpa, and your dad, has been in the middle class all their lives, so you believe that that is your fate/destiny. No! You can learn a new trade and/or build a business that takes you into the upper class. Or if a tree lands on your car, you feel like you are stuck. No! You can move the tree, borrow a friend’s car, or rent a car. There are SO many other options.

You still have choices.

Kenny Ingersoll.




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