Suicide Prevention Concert Featuring Keynote speaker Ganel-Lyn Condie, who hosts the popular shows REAL TALK CFM and THE MIDDLE.

The Overcomers is a coalition of local organizations, speakers, and musicians, all focused on celebrating life and helping the One, through music and storytelling. What made the difference when you were at your greatest cross roads and what gave you the strength to continue going?
Guests will be entertained and uplifted by speakers and musicians in a night that will not long be forgotten!
Additional Speakers include
Becky Mackintosh “Love Boldly,”
Dr John Brailsford, “One Mind Tribe”
Steve Soelberg, “Dry Bar Comedy,”
Jenni James “Fairytales and Saving Lives,”
survivor, film producer, and screenwriter,
and more!
Music will be performed by
Jordan James
Aaliyah Rose
Meadow Alexander
Jennifer Marco
Become inspired by stories of resilience and determination. Learn what to do if someone near you is suicidal, and practice mindfulness techniques to practice at home to improve your mental health.
A few surprises await, so stay tuned!
Live with Joy!

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