Overcome – An old friend and an odd coincidence! – with Jason Jones

A few years ago I got fed up with going to therapy for a marriage that was clearly not coming back to life. The idea came to me, that, I have been creating my own music since I was twelve years old and it was high time I did something about it. So – I decided one Christmas to take a chance on something new, and took myself to a recording studio run by my friend Jason Jones.

It was like a wonderland of monitors and instruments, just waiting to bring music to life. Jason told me that it brings him so much joy to help other musicians create refined music tracks, so I could not be prouder to hear that after having committed to make a new music video every day for at least a year, he has an album of his own!

Jason is an incredibly talented self-taught sound engineer and drummer, and also a solid Christian Latter-day Saint with an adorable family. His new album is titled “Overcome,” and celebrates the human spirit to rise above challenges and adversity. When I heard this, I could not NOT give him a shout out! He calls his music Meaningful Hard Rock. Take a listen!




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