Allie Duzett – The Adrenal Secret to Stress Release

Every day, women are called upon to overcome–but overcome what?

Each woman walks a different journey, a different path. We are called to overcome losses, griefs, challenges of all kinds. But no matter what it is we are overcoming, one thing our bodies definitely experience is STRESS.

Stress: it impacts our sleep, our eating, our weight. When we live for extended periods of time under chronic stress, it depletes our bodies of necessary minerals.  Over time, this emotional and physical depletion can leave us feeling brain-fogged, exhausted, irritable, and even in despair.

On a physical level, the way to start handling this is to pay extra attention to dietary minerals–especially magnesium. The brand Jigsaw has some very good magnesium supplements that can help you start feeling like a person again when your brain feels broken from so much stress.

But there are other things you can do as well to help your physical body release some of this tension so you can enjoy better sleep and a calmer, more peaceful life and attitude.

This is one of my favorite exercises for calming the adrenals. It is a great exercise to do before going to bed.

Adrenal Calming Exercise

The first time you do this exercise, it’s best done in a place where you can be quiet and focus on it. After you’ve done it a few times, you can easily do it in your mind just about anywhere–in the car, at the grocery store, with your kids, or at work.

So find a calm and quiet place and get relaxed–as relaxed as you can. Start by taking at least five deep, calming breaths.

In your mind, you’re going to imagine your adrenal glands. These two glands look like kidneys, and they are indeed located near the kidneys in your physical body. These are the glands responsible for the production of cortisol, a stress hormone. Most women today are dealing with some level of adrenal fatigue that affects their life in a negative way.

So imagine these two adrenal glands in your mind. Tell them hi. Notice how they have “on-off” switches on them. Notice how the switch is set to “on.” This is the default setting for stressed out women!

Prepare for the next step by taking another few deep breaths, and then: turn off the switch. Set it to “off.”

See if you can imagine that feeling of your stress hormones being turned “off” inside your body. My clients usually report that when they do this exercise, they feel a sense of sudden quiet and calm radiating from the center of the center of their bodies. It just feels like something that was slightly irritating has been turned, well, off!

Breathe in the sense of calm and let it fill your body. Notice how much more easily you are able to fall asleep when you have consciously helped your adrenal glands to relax.

This is a great exercise to do when falling asleep, or in times of stress throughout the day. You can re-train your own body to begin responding to stressful situations without the hormone response that can lead to mineral depletion and emotional exhaustion.


We all deal with stress every day–but that doesn’t mean our stress hormones have to control our lives and deplete us! Practice engaging with your adrenal glands through visualization for greater peace and better sleep.
Allie Duzett is a therapeutic guided imagery facilitator specializing in depression, anxiety, and weight release. You can read more about her work at, watch free energy clearing videos on her YouTube channel, and email her with your experiences interacting with your adrenals at allie @ allieduzett . com. 

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  • Darla
    May 17, 2018 at 7:45 pm

    This technique has helped me so much! I learned quickly, however, that my body needed a dimmer switch with a specific timeline for when to relax and when to wake up instead of just being on/off. Could hardly wake up in the mornings! Thank you Allie for helping us manage our stress. <3